Samarpan Physiotherapy Clinic :


vastral physiotherapy clinic

Samarpan Physiotherapy Clinic : has started in march-2008 with a simple vision: To provide first class physiotherapy care & treatment at right place, right cost & to be the organization of choice and a motto: to treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself. Today, the clinic has quickly developed in to one of ahmedabad’s premier physical therapy and rehabilitation center.

The SAMARPAN  Physiotherapy Clinic is run by highly specialized physiotherapist in  AHMEDABAD,GUJARAT. who has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of musculo-skeletal, neurological, gynecological and life style management cases. 


    Orthopaedic conditions: like , joint problems, Backache, arthritis, Post knee/hip replacement ,ligament sprains,etc Special program for arthritis
    Neurological conditions: like stroke/ paralysis,parkinsonism,cerebral palsy(cp), spinal trauma, balance disorder,etc
    Gynecological Condition:   Pregnancy exercises, breathing techniques for delivery and post delivery exercises, Weight care exercise,Menopausal problems: like incontinence, osteoporosis,etc.
     Geriatrics Condition:  Old age problems: like arthritis, falls, walking problems,etc

    Work related physical disorders: like backache, neck pain, etc
    Vascular conditions: like varicose veins, atherosclerosis, swollen limbs after surgery, etc.



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